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09 April 2008 @ 10:43 pm
□■□■ resources & additional notes  

Here is the section where you'll find all the resources I use and additional notes, comments etc about my work. Before you you use a layout, please check here.

About Layouts

First let me state I do not create code. I find layouts on the communities listed below and I alter the header image, color, themes and everything else to make a layout suited to either myself or the person I'm making it for. I don't claim to be the creator of this code nor will I ever do so. However, not everyone knows how to make graphics and put everything together in a way that works for them. So I create something pre-made that they can just enter in all the code and be done with it. If you use one of my "layouts", you absolutely must credit the person who created the original code, along with me. Here are the amazing creators of the code that I most often work with:

Most likely I will ask that you credit one or the other on your userinfo page or sidebar.


About Icons, Wallpapers etc.

While I do make all my icons, I do not claim to own the photographs nor know the people in them. Most of my icons/graphics are of the j-rock or visual-kei variety and I make no claim to them as being mine. I simply alter them for people's personal use and enjoyment on the internet. I make no money off of it, I just do it for a personal hobby. Unless I'm provided with personal photographs or anything of that nature, most of the pictures for my icon subjects can be found at the following places:

However, since we all know we basically get our images from the same places, I'm not mentioning these places in each entry. Just know that they're here and that's where they're coming from.


Additional Notes

Here are just some of the remaining places I use for various things.

Kollermedia.at - used for background tiles on layouts
Squidfingers - also used for background tiles on layouts
da font.com - used for downloading all different types of fonts

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