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.the community
Welcome to Wave of White the graphics journal of me, shiroi nami. Here you'll be able to find layouts and accompanying header images, icons, wallpapers, FO banners or whatever else you may request. I'll make graphics out of anything really but honestly, you'll mostly find things of the Japanese rock and visual-kei variety here. However, they may be the occasional anime, actor, j-pop artist, or even scenery icon. And remember that I'll make almost anything upon request.

.the designer
I'm a third year university student majoring in advertising with a focus on graphic design and creative; I'm also earning two minor degrees in both Spanish and Japanese. For me, making graphics is my passion. As such, Wave of White does have some kind of sentimental value for me. My real name, Jennifer is Welsh for "white wave". About five years ago, I created an identity for myself called "shiroi nami", which as some of you may know is Japanese; 白い for white and 波 for wave. This "identity" has been with me for five years now and I quite like where it has taken me. I have a variety of graphic styles and I love making anything from happy and bright An Cafe related -things all the way down to a more "grungy" feel for darker bands like my beloved ギルガメッシュ as featured on my personal journal's current layout. But really I like anything! For more information, you may check my userinfo page.

.the rules
Really easy, I promise.

① Comment! I make things because I'm happy when others are happy. So let me know what you took and that you liked it!
② Credit! I don't require credit for wallpapers so please don't repost them anywhere as your own. I don't care if you share them but just don't reclaim them. For icons, please credit me as "x_whitewave_x" in the comment box under the icons. Each layout will have separate rules accompanying the post so make sure to read and follow them.
③ Please don't steal any of these and reclaim them as your own. I'm passionate about this so I really want my work to stay as my work.
④ Do not alter my graphics. If you take them, you leave them as they are.
⑤ All requests should be directed here to the request post.
⑥ If you're looking for a particular graphic of a band, person, etc., please check the tags page. That will serve as the site navigation.

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